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Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Flow uses both barcode and image recognition to continuously recognize tens of millions of products in a live camera view, with seamless transition between product packaging and barcodes. Users point to an item and Flow overlays pricing, availability, reviews, media content and other information directly over the item in view.

Flow 2.0 now incorporates text recognition, which helps customers find more products and makes it possible to recognize information like phone numbers, URLs, as well as snippets of general text. This update for Flow Powered by Amazon integrates image matching and text recognition into a single, easy-to-use app – the user just points their camera phone at the object of interest and the app recognizes the item, coming back with reviews, prices and allows purchase via a secure Amazon transaction.

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Available as a free download:

Flow for iPhone from the Apple app store.      
Flow for Android from the Amazon app store.
Flow for Android from Google Play.

New in Flow 2.0

  • Scan multiple items at once: Flow now recognizes multiple items in a single view.
  • New text recognition capabilities enhance product discovery, and power several new features
  • Scan phone numbers and URLs: Flow can decode phone numbers and URLs, so you can quickly scan and dial a number or launch a website.
  • Scan and copy small snippets of text. Our "Snippets" Beta feature lets you decode and copy small chunks of text, or trigger searches.

What Types of Things Does Flow Recognize?

With Flow, customers can identify books, DVDs, CDs, video games, or millions of packaged household items like a box of cereal. Items can be recognized by pointing a phone camera toward the front cover, product packaging, or UPC barcodes.

Flow also decodes QR codes, allowing customers to link to web addresses, get email addresses, phone numbers, and any other embedded information.

How Does It Work?

Flow uses continuous scan technology developed by A9.com's visual search team to identify products and provide related information found on Amazon.com.

The app then overlays Amazon's popular shopping features such as product details, customer reviews and ratings, as well as sharing via Twitter, Facebook, or email; and immediate purchasing, including shipping with Amazon Prime.